Anupama 01 Aug 2023 Written Update : Anupama’s Advice for Kavya

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Anupama 01 Aug 2023 Written Update, Anupama written update

Anupama 01 Aug 2023 Written Update : Anupama confronts Kavya about the story she just shared, asserting that people often fabricate tales of infidelity to rationalize their actions, similar to how Toshu and Vanraj did in the past. Nevertheless, she believes that no excuse or reason can truly justify such betrayals. Anupama refuses to regard Kavya as a victim, firmly asserting that she is unequivocally wrong. She reminds Kavya of the damage she caused to Anupama’s marital life by having an affair with Vanraj, despite the family eventually accepting her. Anupama draws attention to Kavya’s affair with Anirudh while she was still married to Vanraj and questions whether Kavya would have disclosed this secret if she were not pregnant.

In response, Kavya denies having any emotional connection with Anirudh and insists that she is not at fault. Anupama counters by recalling how Kavya had criticized Toshu for a similar situation when he was involved with another girl without emotional attachment. Anupama passionately reproaches Kavya for betraying Vanraj, highlighting the pain of his betrayal towards Anupama. She reminds Kavya of the immense humiliation she endured at the hands of Vanraj for 26 years, as well as the taunts from Leela. Anupama paints a vivid picture of the emotional turmoil one experiences when their partner betrays them.

Anupama concludes by stating her unwavering commitment to never supporting what is wrong, neither in the past nor in the future. She acknowledges that she cannot expect sympathy from Kavya, given the circumstances.

Anupama Written episode Update

Anupama 01 Aug 2023 Written Update

After Anuj attends to Vanraj’s leg sprain and provides much-needed care, Vanraj expresses his appreciation for the help. However, Anupama interjects, reminding Kavya about the distressing incident she witnessed on her 25th wedding anniversary, where Kavya was found on the bed with Vanraj.

In response, Kavya shares her side of the story, revealing that Anirudh abandoned her when he discovered her pregnancy. He even callously suggested that she should consider abortion, leaving her in a state of shock and disbelief. She admits that she never expected to betray Vanraj for Anirudh, but she couldn’t help criticizing men for their lack of sensitivity.

Anupama intervenes, cautioning Kavya against solely blaming men, asserting that women are equally responsible for their actions and should accept their mistakes. Kavya counters by stating that she felt overwhelmed and desperate, to the point where she contemplated suicide if she hadn’t been pregnant. Initially, she managed everything alone, but as she thought about her child potentially growing up without a family’s love, she reconsidered.

Kavya confesses that she didn’t want to go back to Vanraj, but when she received love and attention from him and the family, her desires intensified. As a result, she resorted to lying about the baby’s paternity, claiming it was Vanraj’s child. Kavya admits that she longed for the care and affection any other pregnant woman would desire, but now she carries a deep sense of guilt for her actions.

Anupama 01 Aug 2023 Written Update

Vanraj frantically searches for Kavya and Anupama in different rooms. Anupama, concerned for Kavya’s well-being, advises her that building a life on a foundation of lies will only lead to more problems. She urges Kavya to come clean and reveal the truth to Vanraj. In response, Kavya hesitates, fearing that Vanraj might leave her if he learns the truth.

Anupama empathizes but insists that being truthful will at least grant Kavya the peace of mind and prevent more complications in the future. She reminds Kavya that the truth will inevitably surface, and her baby will have to bear the consequences regardless. Anupama encourages Kavya to take charge and disclose the truth to Vanraj before he learns it from elsewhere, even if not immediately, but at some point.

Kavya struggles with the decision, expressing her inability to reveal the truth to Vanraj, fearing that he will be shattered upon learning that the baby belongs to Anirudh and not him. Despite understanding Anupama’s suggestion, Kavya finds herself torn.

Meanwhile, as they continue their conversation, Vanraj opens the door and unexpectedly discovers them in that room. Kavya confides in Anupama that while she knows Anupama’s advice is right, she cannot bear to see Vanraj’s heartbreak when he finds out the truth about the baby’s paternity. As Vanraj stands there, shattered by Kavya’s revelation, the weight of the situation becomes palpable.

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