Anupama 16 Aug 2023 Written Update : Romil’s behavior

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Anupama 16 Aug 2023 Written Update, Anupama written update

Anupama 16 Aug 2023 Written Update : Anuj and Anupama come back home and are utterly surprised to discover Romil hosting a wild party with his friends, all centered around alcohol and high spirits. Anuj takes it upon himself to stop the blaring music, prompting Romil to respond arrogantly, demanding to know who dared to halt the music. Anuj calmly asserts that he’s the one who put a stop to it. In an act of sheer rudeness, Romil shoves Anuj, resorting to name-calling by labeling him a “moron.” This shocking scene leaves everyone in disbelief.

Anupama, taken aback by Romil’s behavior, questions the kind of conduct he’s displaying. Romil even stoops so low as to use offensive language towards her. At this point, Anuj reacts strongly, delivering a resounding slap that sends Romil tumbling onto a nearby table. Reacting quickly, Ankush steps in to assist Romil and directs his anger towards Anuj.

Undeterred by the brewing confrontation, Anuj asserts that had Romil managed to complete his derogatory remark towards Anu, he would have been met with even more severe consequences, potentially resulting in physical confrontation.

Meanwhile, Toshu guides Samar to where Vanraj is located. Samar, with a sense of determination, invites Vanraj to take a seat, signaling that he wishes to have a conversation. With a hint of sarcasm, Samar queries whether Vanraj intends to talk or simply lecture. Not one to be deterred, Vanraj grips Samar’s hand, expressing his concern for his son’s well-being. Samar responds affirmatively, confirming that he is indeed okay.

Anupama Written episode Update

Anupama 16 Aug 2023 Written Update

Hasmukh reflects on the enduring nature of father-son conflicts and disagreements. He believes that no matter how heated their arguments may become, their conversations will always persist. As children grow into adults, they become like two opposite banks of a river, separated yet connected, with the mother serving as the bridge that binds them together.

Hasmukh shares a memory of his interactions with his own children – he used to shower affection on Dolly and mostly hugged Vanraj during his early years. He emphasizes the importance of a father nurturing his son, encouraging open communication about the challenges the son might be facing. In turn, a son should embrace his father, sharing his emotions while there’s still time, to avoid regrets in the future.

In the midst of this heartfelt conversation, Toshu takes it upon himself to bring coffee for everyone. Vanraj, seeking to mend any wounds, expresses that he never intended to cause any harm and offers an apology if his actions upset Dimple. With the coffee now in hand, the four of them share a moment of enjoyment and togetherness.

However, unbeknownst to them, Dimpy observes from a hidden vantage point, her thoughts brewing with suspicion. She believes that Vanraj might be attempting to manipulate Samar against her, perceiving an ulterior motive behind his actions.

Anupama 16 Aug 2023 Written Update

Anuj doesn’t hold back his frustration as he addresses the older individuals who have silently observed a child’s unruly behavior and allowed him to organize a raucous alcohol-fueled gathering. He admonishes Romil’s friends, cautioning them that he could report them for obtaining alcohol illegally and advises them to leave either by cab or on foot, rather than driving under the influence. Romil’s friends heed his warning and depart from the scene.

However, Romil reacts with indignation, demanding to know who Anuj thinks he is to send his friends away. Unfazed by Romil’s outburst, Anuj retorts that he wouldn’t have taken such action if Romil had been in his right mind, then proceeds to splash water on Romil’s face to bring him back to reality. Anuj then points out that Romil is underage and therefore forbidden from consuming alcohol. He underscores the fact that their region is designated as a dry state, making the sale of alcohol illegal there.

Anupama chimes in, expressing gratitude that Pakhi had alerted her to the party. She emphasizes that their timely intervention prevented the situation from escalating and possibly attracting the attention of law enforcement. Romil’s frustration reaches its peak as he directs his anger towards Pakhi, accusing her of revealing her secret and provoking her mother against him.

In a stern tone, Anuj warns Romil to treat Pakhi with respect or else face the consequence of being evicted from the household.

Anupama 16 Aug 2023 Written Update

Vanraj engages Samar in a conversation about maintaining a balance between one’s family and their spouse. Hasmukh shares his approach of tolerating Leela’s behavior, even offering criticism when she’s in the wrong. Vanraj explains that sometimes, a man chooses to remain silent in order to keep peace in the household, but being overly quiet can sometimes disrupt that harmony.

Toshu chimes in, expressing their collective love and care for Vanraj. Samar reflects on the fact that, despite everything that has transpired, they’re still reaching out to him. Vanraj affectionately refers to Samar as his “baby,” asserting that his care for him is unwavering. Toshu suggests that they should make these heart-to-heart talks a monthly tradition, perhaps over a coffee session.

Hasmukh adds a lighthearted suggestion, mentioning they should have a “coffee pe charcha” (discussion over coffee). Vanraj reminisces about his upbringing, mentioning how he was nurtured and cared for in his parents’ house, and he aspires for his children to continue his family legacy. Their conversation culminates in a warm group hug and smiles all around, with Vanraj underscoring the significance of nurturing and sustaining relationships.

Amidst this positivity, Dimpy’s anxiety is evident as she watches from the sidelines. Kavya walks past, catching Vanraj’s attention. He realizes he needs to address and resolve the complexities in that particular relationship.

Anuj doesn’t hold back as he continues to express his frustration towards Ankush for permitting his son’s behavior to deteriorate in front of him. He firmly asserts that Romil’s actions are jeopardizing his own prospects and are likely to lead him down a path of no progress. Romil, feeling the heat of Anuj’s words, questions Ankush about his intention in bringing him into this situation, suggesting that he’s being subjected to insults from all sides. Romil goes on to bring up his troubled past, highlighting that his mother left him behind to be with her boyfriend, implying that even his own father should consider abandoning him.

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