Anupama 23rd July 2023 Written Update : Anupama’s Nightmare

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Anupama 23rd July 2023 Written Update : Nakul strolls up to Malti Devi, affectionately referred to as MD. MD graciously invites him to express his thoughts freely. Nakul reminisces about an incident involving Anupama, who got hurt from broken glass pieces. He reveals that he had kept those pieces, nursing his pain when MD chose Anupama as her successor instead of him. He admits to realizing his mistake and is determined to prevent her from making such a decision again.

Unexpectedly, MD’s reaction is filled with anger, instructing Nakul to go to Anupama instead. But Nakul’s devotion to MD is unwavering. He sees her as a guru, a mother, a mentor—everything. Even if he were to leave, Nakul believes Anupama would hold his ear and bring him back to MD. So, he resolves to stay with her, hoping to point out her mistakes until she corrects herself.

Meanwhile, Samar delivers distressing news to Anupama: her dance academy has been sealed as they lack the necessary commercial license to operate. Memories of how she started the academy flood Anupama’s mind. Samar expresses deep remorse for failing to save her cherished establishment. Dimpy, ever the optimist, suggests that instead of shedding tears, they should take action before students demand refunds of their fees. Toshu wonders who might have tipped off the municipality. Leela, insightful as always, speculates that MD could be behind it, as she had challenged Anupama to obliterate her completely. Leela criticizes MD for her narrow-mindedness and lack of vision.

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Anupama 23rd July 2023 Written Update : Amidst the turmoil, Anupama urges everyone to remain calm, assuring them that they will find a solution to their predicament. However, Dimpy expresses doubt, believing that destruction is inevitable, regardless of their efforts. Anupama advises her to be patient, cautioning against letting anger cloud their judgment.

Dimpy retorts, questioning Anupama’s decision to return midway from her flight without thinking it through. Kavya intervenes, warning Dimpy to watch her words. Undeterred, Dimpy continues to speak her mind, prompting Leela to sternly warn her to refrain from using foul language.

In the midst of tension, Anupama appeals to Leela to compose herself and focus on finding a way out. Hasmukh supports Anupama’s stance, emphasizing the importance of staying united. Observant as ever, Vanraj notices bruises on Anupama‘s wrist, leading him to inquire if she had met MD. Anupama confirms it and Leela criticizes her for abruptly returning from the flight, stressing the urgency to take action before MD takes drastic measures against them.

Vanraj, in a more conciliatory tone, suggests that Anupama forget about the incident and return home to rest, considering how tired she looks. Eventually, Anupama decides to heed his advice and leaves for home.

Anupama 23rd July 2023 Written Update

During the confrontation, MD faces the wrath of the event investor, who vehemently blames her for the losses incurred due to the cancellation of the event. MD, taking responsibility, promises to compensate for his losses. However, the investor abruptly ends the call, insisting that she must do so no matter what. Fuming with anger, MD believes that it is Anupama’s influence that emboldened someone to speak so harshly to her from a distance. She vows not to let Anupama get away with it easily. Unbeknownst to her, Nakul overhears the conversation.

Anupama returns home, her mind filled with the hurtful words of the Shah family. Seeking solace, she tightly embraces Anuj, tears streaming down her face. Anuj comforts her, assuring her that everything will eventually be fine. Determined, Anupama agrees, stating that it has to be alright. The CA (presumably Child Attendant) approaches her, and Anupama emotionally consoles her.

The CA reveals that she has completed her homework with Pakhi’s assistance. Anuj sends the CA to fetch her teacher’s note and inquires about what transpired earlier. Anupama expresses her fear, having seen a vengeful look in Gurumaa’s eyes. She worries about Gurumaa’s potential repercussions on Anuj and their children. Anuj, resolute, affirms that MD lost her moral ground when she slapped Anupama. He assures Anupama that he will protect her at all costs, having faced many enemies in life.

Despite Anuj’s reassurances, Anupama’s mind remains troubled, sensing that something ominous may unfold in the near future.

Anupama 23rd July 2023 Written Update

At night, Anupama awakens, only to discover that the CA is not beside her. She calls out for the CA and Anuj, but the power is off, leaving the house in darkness. Despite the challenging situation, she perseveres, trying to locate them throughout the house. Unfortunately, she trips and falls multiple times, and even her phone has no power.

However, the lights suddenly come back on as the power is restored. Anuj returns home with the CA after treating her to ice cream. Anupama expresses her worry and asks where they had gone. Anuj explains that they saw the CA sleeping and didn’t want to disturb her, so they went out for ice cream. Anupama insists that Anuj should have woken her up, given her distress after Gurumaa’s warning to harm their children.

Feeling anxious, Anupama rushes to the Shah house and calls out for her children. The family members, including Vanraj, Hasmukh, Leela, and Kavya, come out to inquire about the situation. Toshu, Kinjal, Pakhi, and Dimpy follow suit. Anupama embraces them tightly, ensuring they are all safe. Confused, Pakhi asks what happened.

Anupama replies that she thought they were all okay. She searches for Samar, and Toshu sadly informs her that Samar is no more. Anupama cries out for Samar and abruptly wakes up from her nightmare, praying to God for Samar’s protection.

Anuj tries to console her, asking what happened. Anupama shares her distressing dream, where something dreadful happened to Samar. She confesses her fears since her return from Gurumaa’s house, as she believes Gurumaa is determined to harm her children as a form of revenge. Anuj reassures her that it was only a nightmare, and as long as her blessings are with Samar, he will be absolutely fine. He promises to take action against MD if she ever dares to harm Anupama’s children.

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