Anupama Written Episode Update (11th July 2023)

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Anupama Written Episode Update (11th July 2023)

The doctor informs Anuj that he administered a hypnotic injection to Little Anu/CA to induce sleep, as they cannot continue in this state and need to help the child recover from the shock soon. Pakhi suggests to Anuj that he should consider calling Anupama. However, Anuj expresses his reluctance, not wanting to become an obstacle in Anupama’s journey. Pakhi reminds him that there are only 7 hours remaining until Anupama’s flight. Gurumaa recognizes the significance of these remaining hours.

Anupama, in conversation with Nakul, reflects on the symbolism of the seven wedding vows and the commitment to support each other for seven lifetimes in a marriage. However, she acknowledges that she will be separating from Anuj in just 7 hours. Amidst their conversation, Little Anu cries out for her mother in her sleep.

Upon reaching home, Anupama is greeted by Kanta, who reveals that she has packed all of Anupama’s belongings after much deliberation. Bhavesh playfully jokes about the typical middle-class family starting their preparations at 6 a.m. for a 6 p.m. train. Kanta mentions that they have packed everything except the excess baggage and suggests that Anupama leave behind any unnecessary burdens.

Anupama Written Episode Update : Anupama inquires about Bhairavi and learns that she is still at the gurukul and intends to join them directly at the airport along with Nakul and Gurumaa. Anupama excuses herself to freshen up, leaving Kanta and Bhavesh overwhelmed with emotions at the thought of her departure. Just then, Kanta receives a phone call that leaves her looking serious and concerned.

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Overwhelmed by CA’s deteriorating condition, Anuj is moved to tears, unable to bear seeing his daughter in such a state. He gazes at his mobile phone, lost in his thoughts, and quietly walks away. Ankush notices his departure and inquires about his destination.

Meanwhile, Anupama prepares herself for departure, requesting a cup of tea from Kanta before she leaves, aware that only three hours remain until her flight. Leela graciously offers Anupama the tea, noting that they have come after receiving Kanta’s permission. Kavya and Kinjal join in, expressing their desire to bid Anupama a joyous farewell. Anupama mentions that she had a video call with Hasmukh and Samar, indicating how important they are to her.

The family members share their heartfelt sentiments, describing how much they will miss her, mixing in lighthearted jokes to alleviate the somber atmosphere. Leela encourages Anupama to savor the tea and give her opinion on its taste. Anupama appreciates the gesture, proclaiming it as the best tea. Vanraj advises her to drink it slowly. Anupama, aware of the differences she will encounter in the USA, admits that she won’t be able to enjoy tea prepared by Leela there. She then looks at her mobile phone, eagerly awaiting Anuj’s call.

Anupama Written Episode Update : As the clock ticks away, emotions run high, and the anticipation builds. Anupama prepares herself mentally and emotionally for the journey ahead, cherishing the final moments with her loved ones and remaining hopeful for a call that will bring closure to this chapter of her life.

Anuj, overcome with despair and unable to bear witnessing CA’s deteriorating condition, breaks down emotionally. Ankush attempts to provide comfort and support to him. Anuj expresses his frustration, feeling helpless as none of the medications seem to be working for CA. He fears the worst and admits that he doesn’t know what to do if something were to happen to her. Overwhelmed by the weight of his emotions, Anuj experiences an anxiety attack, leading him to break objects in his distress.

Ankush and Adhik make efforts to calm him down, understanding the immense burden he carries. Adhik recognizes that Anuj is struggling to cope with the loss of Maaya, CA’s condition, and Anupama’s imminent departure. He suggests informing Anupama about CA’s condition, but Anuj adamantly refuses, unwilling to be a hindrance to Anupama’s success. Ankush questions who will care for CA in that case, to which Anuj responds that he will take on that responsibility while still allowing Anupama to pursue her dreams.

Meanwhile, Anupama engages in a pooja ritual with her family, seeking solace and divine blessings. As she sings the aarti, her thoughts are consumed by worry for CA, her heart heavy with concern for her daughter’s well-being.

The doctor remains dedicated to treating CA, striving to provide the best care possible. Barkha instructs Pakhi to go and bid farewell to Anupama, assuring her that they are all present to take care of CA in her absence. Anuj pleads with Pakhi, urging her not to reveal anything about CA’s condition to Anupama under any circumstances. Pakhi departs as instructed, leaving the others concerned about whether she will be able to maintain her composure in front of Anupama.

Anupama Written Episode Update :Meanwhile, Anupama offers heartfelt prayers to God for each member of her family, expressing her hopes for their well-being in great detail. CA’s cries for her mother persist, but Anuj assures her that he is there with her as her father. Anupama, in her prayers, beseeches God to watch over Anuj and grant him the emotional strength he needs.

In the midst of her prayers, Anupama’s sari pallu gets caught on a nail, causing her purse to fall to the ground. As she picks it up, she notices a photograph of her and Anuj inside the purse. The sight of the photo triggers memories of CA’s desperate plea for her not to leave her alone like Maaya, as well as Anuj’s request for her to never stop moving forward.

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