Anupama Written Episode Update (12th July 2023) : Emotional Farewell Hugs

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Anupama Written Episode Update (12th July 2023)

Anupama Written Episode Update : Kinjal asks what happened? Anupama tells that she had missed her wallet. Kavya says lets go. Anupama says ok. Pakhi comes there crying and hugs Anupama. Anupama asks what happened to her, why is she crying, if everything fine. Pakhi says you are going, but. She recalls Anuj asking her not to tell Anupama anything about fire, and say that everything is fine here. She doesn’t tell her and says how I will stay without you. She tells that she is already missing her.

Anupama says even I will miss you a lot, and asks her not to cry. She asks if Choti is fine. Pakhi says Anu was sleeping. Anupama says she is fine. Pakhi tells that she won’t be the same mannerless pakhi, but will become like her daughter shall be. She says she will fulfill all her responsibilities and says sorry for everything. She says we leave the house and don’t think how our parents feel, when you are leaving today then I know how it feels when a mother goes.

She apologizes to her for not hurting her, misunderstanding her and for always taking her for granted. She thanks her. She says I used to be stubborn if I want to come with you. She asks her not to stay this time, even if she insists or pleads infront of her. Bhavesh says they shall keep this emotional program later. Vanraj says lets go, there might be traffic on the way.

Anupama full episode update

Anuj attempts to calm down Anu, who is agitated and shouts, demanding her mother. Anuj reminds her that she has him, her father, by her side. The doctor advises Anuj to call Anupama. Anupama’s mother performs a ritual to ward off any evil eye. Baa feeds Anu a mixture of curd and sugar for good luck. Aai suggests buying a new bag once they reach their destination. Bhavesh expresses the family’s desire to accompany her to the airport but admits their inability to witness her departure for America.

Anupama urges Baa and Aai to take their medicine on time and prioritize their health. She assures them that she will make video calls and requests them to do the same. Baa advises Anupama against consuming outside food, while Aai cautions her to be cautious of strangers, secure her bags with chains, and avoid placing her phone near open windows. Anupama embraces Aai tightly. Toshu remarks that Anupama will be traveling by flight, not by train. Vanraj reminds everyone that it’s getting late and encourages them to leave. Anupama shares heartfelt hugs with everyone as she prepares to depart.

Suddenly, her phone slips from her hand, and she notices an audio message from Choti, pleading for her return. Anupama exclaims, “Choti, my daughter!” Toshu dismisses it as an old recording, while Vanraj urges her to come along. Kavya advises Anupama to take care on her journey, while Aai insists on her safe travels. Kinjal requests Anupama to call or message once she arrives at her destination. Anupama signals everyone to smile and bids them farewell with a cheerful demeanor. She starts walking, ready to embark on her journey.

Anuj struggles to manage Choti Anu, who suddenly gets up and runs out of the room. Meanwhile, Vanraj, Anupama, and Toshu are in the car on their way to the airport. Anupama receives a call from Gurumaa, who inquires about her current location. Anupama informs her that she is en route. Gurumaa mentions that Bhairavi and Nakul are in another car. Vanraj suggests Anupama put her phone aside and relax, assuring her that they still have 15 minutes before reaching the airport.

He recalls a time when he was nervous before an interview in Delhi and couldn’t sleep the entire night. Anupama had given him advice back then, which he now shares with her. He encourages her to close her eyes, focus on her dreams, and let go of any troubles, problems, or mental blockages. He emphasizes that by aiming for her goal and visualizing it with closed eyes, she will find peace. Toshu adds that Anupama should let go of any negativity and approach her journey with positive thoughts.

Anupama’s mind is filled with thoughts of Anuj and Choti Anu. Just then, she receives a call from Anuj and anxiously asks if everything is alright. Gurumaa believes that the flight is on time and hopes the hero (Anupama) doesn’t stop the heroine (Choti Anu), assuring herself that she will handle the situation once they reach the US. Vanraj inquires about the call, and Anupama mentions she can’t hear anything, possibly due to a network problem. Anuj and the others are seen running after Choti Anu. Vanraj assures Anupama that Anuj will call again, or the current call might have been connected by mistake. He advises her to end the call, but Anupama remains worried.

Aai expresses her sorrow, mentioning that this is the third time Anupama is leaving. She reflects on the past when Bhavesh and herself were happy with Anupama’s presence and now feel sad and upset. Baa empathizes with their emotions, acknowledging that although Anupama wasn’t with them before, her absence now deeply affects them. Baa laments the fact that Anupama has gone so far away.

At the airport, Anupama observes other mothers with their daughters and notices a signboard that reads “STOP” right in front of her. Vanraj urges her to proceed, but Anupama decides to make a call first. Just then, Gurumaa arrives and suggests they leave. Vanraj asks Gurumaa to take care of Anupama, and she assures him that Anupama is now her responsibility. Toshu embraces Anupama and expresses how much he misses her. Anupama advises him to take care. Vanraj shakes her hand and wishes her all the best for her dreams and new beginning. He presents her with a paper plane, and Anupama expresses her gratitude. Vanraj encourages her not to give up now.

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