Anupama Written Update 15 July 2023 : Anupama returns

anupama written update

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Anupama written update : Anuj’s heart pours out his affection for his dear Choti Anu/CA just before she departs for the Shah house. Ankush assures him not to fret about CA, assuring him that Kavya will take good care of her. Barkha sympathizes with CA, expressing her sadness. Adhik echoes the sentiment, emphasizing that it’s advantageous for CA to move to the Shah house. However, Barkha remarks that while it may be beneficial for CA, it spells trouble for them. Anuj was engrossed in Maaya and CA until now, investigating the irregularities they committed.

Adhik acknowledges the gravity of the situation, acknowledging that it’s truly unfortunate for them. Unbeknownst to them, Pakhi overhears their conversation and sharply rebukes them for their heartless behavior. She sternly warns them, threatening to expose their secrets to Anuj. Adhik tightens his grip on her hand, asserting that Anuj is already emotionally vulnerable and would collapse if he were to learn the truth. He confidently claims that he will manipulate the situation and evade any consequences. Pakhi, undeterred, firmly asserts that their malicious tactics won’t prevail indefinitely, and they will inevitably pay for their sins.

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CA joyfully engages in playtime with Pari, while Toshu escorts them to the terrace for some fun. However, Leela and Dimpy immediately voice their disapproval, asserting that bringing CA to the terrace was a mistake. Vanraj and Hasmukh question their concerns, believing that CA would enjoy Pari’s company. Leela explains that if any mishap were to occur to CA while she’s at their place, Anuj would not forgive them.

According to her, if a child were to fall in their own home, it would be considered their own fault, but if the fall were to happen in a neighbor’s home, the blame would be on the neighbor. Therefore, they should make efforts to promptly send CA back to Anuj. Dimpy inquires about the duration of CA’s stay with them, to which Kavya responds with a suggestion that it could possibly be forever.

Anupama written update today

Meanwhile, Adhik and Barkha engage in a discussion on how to prevent Anuj from returning to the office. Unbeknownst to them, Pakhi stands before them and instructs a servant to fetch official files from Anuj’s office, as Anuj intends to resume his work. Adhik expresses his displeasure, while Barkha acknowledges that Adhik unintentionally provoked Pakhi, leading to the current predicament they find themselves in.

Kavya busies herself in preparing a cake for CA, accompanied by Kinjal. Reflecting on her role, Kavya acknowledges that she can’t replace Anupama but can offer a motherly presence in CA’s life. Vanraj informs everyone that Pakhi has sent CA’s belongings, including her clothes and books, and inquires about her whereabouts.

Kavya responds that CA is currently with Pari. However, Leela contradicts her statement, stating that CA is not there. Just then, Toshu returns and reveals that CA is not at home. Leela expresses her earlier warning, emphasizing the consequences.

Worried, Vanraj and Toshu immediately set out to search for CA. Meanwhile, Anuj awakens, calling out for CA, only to realize that she is at the Shah house. He receives a message notifying him of CA’s disappearance. Vanraj and Toshu return home, unsuccessful in their search for CA. Shortly after, Anuj arrives with the rest of the family.

Barkha directs her anger towards Kavya, reproaching her for her irresponsibility. In response, Kavya explains that CA was last seen on the terrace with Pari and that she is unaware of when CA left the house. Barkha continues to berate Kavya, intentionally provoking Anuj.

Anupama written update

Anuj receives a message notifying him that his daughter has been spotted in Mumbai, leaving him shocked to discover that CA has returned to the orphanage. He expresses his dismay, remarking that the story has come full circle. Anuj and Vanraj hastily make their way to Mumbai, their hearts filled with worry. Back at the Shah household, the family fervently prays for CA’s safe return.

Upon arriving at the orphanage, Anuj and Vanraj are astounded to find Anupama there, singing a comforting lullaby to CA. Vanraj records the touching moment and sends it to the Shah family. Both Anuj and Vanraj inquire about how Anupama ended up there, questioning if she didn’t go to Mumbai as planned. Anuj, concerned, confirms if Anupama is alright, mentioning that he had already checked that she had boarded a flight to the USA. Suddenly, Anupama feels weak and collapses into Anuj’s arms, requesting him to take her home.

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