Anupama Written Update 19th July 2023 : her encounter with Maaya’s ghost

anupama written update

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Anupama written update: Anupama shares a fascinating account of her encounter with Maaya’s imaginative ghost. Her heart races as she somehow manages to disembark from the airplane. Upon checking her phone, she discovers multiple missed calls from the orphanage. Returning their call, she learns that CA was present there too—a seemingly divine coincidence, considering both she and CA were in Mumbai simultaneously. Anupama successfully reaches her destination, Bebli, driven by a shared desire with Maaya.

Recalling the ghostly signal from Maaya to look after Bebli before vanishing, Anupama reveals to Anuj what she had been witnessing—the presence of Maaya herself. She explains that she had lingered in the past years as she embraced the role of Sweety’s mother, but now her focus has shifted as she becomes CA’s mother. Sacrificing her dream, she finds profound joy in being a mother. Anupama sincerely apologizes to Gurumaa for the wrongs she committed in her pursuit of doing right by her daughter, accepting whatever consequences may follow. In a heartwarming display of support, the entire Shah family joins her, their hands folded in unity.

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Anupama written update

Gurumaa emphasizes the immense power a guru or teacher’s blessing holds, capable of shaping a teacher’s life positively, while a curse can lead to complete destruction. At one point, she contemplated passing on the responsibility of the gurukul to Anupama and finding peace in that decision. However, her feelings have changed now, and as long as she’s alive, she intends to ensure Anupama’s life is nothing but destruction. Gurumaa is resolute in making sure that no Shah or Kapadia can save Anupama from this fate, as they have witnessed her greatness as a mother and will now witness her downfall.

Later, as Anupama soothes CA to sleep, memories of Gurumaa’s slap and challenge resurface in her mind. Anuj comes to her aid, applying warm compresses to her cheek. Anupama acknowledges that the physical pain may subside, but the weight of Gurumaa’s anger lingers. Anuj reminds her that Gurumaa has the right to be angry, just as Anupama has the right to apologize. He encourages her to continue seeking forgiveness from Gurumaa until it’s granted.

Anupama written update today

At Shah house, Vanraj reflects on Malti Devi’s anger and expresses concern to the family, stating that Anupama should not have returned as MD will not spare her. Hasmukh believes that a guru’s curse holds weight and won’t go unanswered. Kinjal disagrees, arguing that a true guru should not curse their student. Leela adds that regardless, the impact of a guru’s curse will surely affect Anupama.

Kavya supports Kinjal’s view, mentioning that she didn’t inform Samar about the incident. Leela praises Kavya for her decision. Toshu agrees with Kinjal, stating that MD should not have cursed Anupama in the first place. Dimpy points out that MD incurred losses due to her actions, but Toshu believes that Anuj will repay her losses. Dimpy argues that no artist would tolerate having their reputation tarnished.

Vanraj questions why Anupama returned when she knew she was wrong. Kavya defends Anupama, asking what else she could have done. Toshu compares Anuj’s actions, suggesting that if he could go to Mumbai for Maaya, he could also go to the USA for Anupama. Hasmukh intervenes, urging them to stop arguing and acknowledges that Anupama followed her heart, which is not wrong.

Vanraj remains worried about MD’s potential consequences, as he believes they will be affected as well. Leela questions why they should suffer for Anupama’s mistake. Dimpy agrees with Vanraj. Toshu cautions that when MD unleashes her wrath, she won’t consider who might get caught in the crossfire. Leela expresses hope that MD will eventually forgive Anupama, but Dimpy raises the concern of what will happen if she doesn’t.

Ankush brings coffee for Anuj and inquires about Anupama’s well-being. Anuj responds, saying she is burdened by a storm of sorrows, carrying the guilt of Maaya’s death on one side and facing Gurumaa’s anger on the other. Ankush notes that despite everything, Anupama is still worried about CA. He expresses uncertainty about Malti Devi’s next move.

Anuj assures him that he will repay MD’s losses and is prepared to challenge her legally if necessary, vowing to protect Anupama from any harm. Ankush hopes that MD eventually forgives Anupama. Anuj, however, believes that MD will indeed make an attack and he wants to be prepared for her next move. Unbeknownst to them, Anupama overhears their conversation.

Meanwhile, MD reminisces about Anupama’s perceived betrayal. Nakul tries to console her, mentioning that he convinced sponsors to adjust losses in future events to minimize the impact. MD, however, clarifies that it’s not just about the losses; it’s about Anupama’s betrayal. Nakul defends Anupama, suggesting that she might not be completely wrong. MD warns him that if he supports Anupama, he might as well leave. Nakul affirms his loyalty to MD, stating that he can’t abandon her, as she is his guru, mother, and everything. MD asserts that since Anupama takes immense pride in being a mother, she will attack Anupama’s motherhood as her next move. She hums a song to calm herself down.

The following morning, Anupama engages in tulsi pooja, offering her prayers while singing a heartfelt bhajan. She addresses Kanhaji, expressing her gratitude for the two paths he has opened up for her: one leading to her dreams and the other to her family. Anupama chose the family path, as her heart always remains with her loved ones. She takes pride in her decision and seeks the strength to stay on this path for a long time, fulfilling the promise she made to Maaya. Anupama prays for Maaya’s soul to find peace, for Anuj and CA to be blessed with happiness, and for the joy and contentment of the Shah family. She also prays for Gurumaa’s tranquility of mind.

Afterward, she converses with Maaya’s photograph, acknowledging the profound sorrow her daughter is experiencing due to her passing. Anupama vows to bring her daughter out of this sorrow soon and reveals that she has something special planned for her today.

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