Anupama Written Update 20th July 2023 : Dimple Unveiling the Truth for the Media

anupama written update

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Anupama written update : Barkha finds solace in meditation to quell her anger. Ankush taunts her, claiming that her anger remains untamed despite her efforts in meditation. Barkha and her brother had schemed to seize the Kapadia empire, especially since Maaya was no longer around, Anuj would be occupied with CA, and Anupama had permanently moved to the USA. Unfortunately, their plan met a dismal failure.

Barkha attributes the failure to Anupama, questioning why she insisted on playing the role of a mother when they were ready to take care of the CA matter. Now, Anuj would be chasing after Anupama, and they, in turn, would be following him. Ankush insists that Barkha, as a mother, should respect Anupama’s sacrifice. Barkha dismisses him as an Anupama devotee and pleads with him to leave her be.

Anuj defends Anupama, highlighting how she sacrificed her career for her child. In response, Barkha sarcastically inquires whether he’s thinking about his illegitimate child and warns him not to bring the child into the equation. Ankush perceives Anupama’s concerns as that of an adoptive mother worried for CA, while he, as a biological father, seems indifferent to his own son’s well-being.

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Anupama written update

As Samar returns home, Hasmukh inquires how his workshop finished so quickly. However, Samar’s immediate concern is about Anupama’s well-being. Leela remarks that his wife should have already informed him about Anupama, and wonders why he left his job halfway to come home. Samar insists on speaking to his mother about the matter. Just then, Vanraj enters and acknowledges that he knows Samar is worried for Anupama, just like everyone else. He suggests giving her some time and space to cope with the situation.

Hasmukh advises Samar against going to Anupama’s place. At that moment, Toshu joins the conversation, stating that Samar’s wife has already taken care of everything. He shows them a newspaper with Dimpy’s confirmation that Anupama breached Malti Devi/MD’s contract by not going to the USA, which caused MD significant losses. Toshu questions whether Anupama will now be held responsible for repaying those losses.

Toshu also reminds them of how much Anupama did for Dimpy, only to be backstabbed in return. Leela interjects, saying that she had warned them about Dimpy before. She emphasizes that Dimpy is not a blessing for their household, but rather a disaster. Vanraj adds that Dimpy shouldn’t have made such a statement. Leela remarks that Dimpy will continue to spread nothing but negativity.

Anupama written update today

Dimpy defends herself, claiming that she didn’t say anything wrong. Leela retorts, calling her thankless, greedy, and a backbiter, and insists that she indeed said something wrong. Kinjal questions Dimpy, asking why she speaks nonsense when she can’t handle the truth. Dimpy counters by stating that she only clarified the misunderstanding instead of letting the media exaggerate the news.

Kavya chimes in, suggesting that Dimpy should have simply replied with “no comments.” Dimpy maintains that she merely stated the facts. Hasmukh interjects, emphasizing that a household doesn’t run solely on facts, but rather requires mutual understanding. Dimpy rudely retorts, asking him to share his wisdom with the media people or with Anupama, who is the cause of all these happenings.

Her words leave everyone stunned as she walks away. Toshu expresses his disdain, likening people’s incorrect depiction of Rakhi as a snake to the real poison that lies within Dimpy. Samar tries to intervene, requesting Toshu to stop. In response, Toshu advises Samar to go and stop his wife instead. Samar eventually leaves the scene.

Leela comments that Samar is a puppet to his wife and wouldn’t dare utter a word in front of Dimpy. Vanraj expresses concern over not knowing what Malti Devi will do, and he fears that Anupama is unaware of an upcoming storm.

Anupama decorates a princess room for CA, and Anuj is amazed, calling it a palace. Anupama explains that it’s Princess Bebli’s palace, as the doctor had suggested keeping her happy. Anuj discusses the efforts parents make to keep their children happy. Anupama asks Pakhi to bring CA downstairs.

Pakhi walks to CA’s room and finds her talking to Maaya’s photo. She leads CA downstairs blindfolded, telling her that Anupama has a surprise for her. CA is thrilled to see the princess room. Anuj and Anupama dance around her while the song “Itti Si Khushi Itti Si Hasi” plays in the background. Pakhi and Ankush also join in the joyful celebration.

Anupama written update

Later, Anupama emotionally pampers CA, looking at Maaya’s photo, ensuring she feels loved and cherished.

MD sits in prayer, reminiscing about Anupama’s drama on the airplane. A servant places a newspaper and a cup of tea on the table for her. Anuj tells Ankush that they witnessed happiness after a long time and hopes that Anupama will calm down MD soon.

MD enjoys her tea but is interrupted when the maid accidentally drops a bag. MD advises her to be more careful and notices Anupama’s photo popping out of the bag. She inquires about it, and Nakul explains that it’s Anupama’s belongings. MD looks at the photo of Anupama and CA and becomes determined to take away whatever reason Anupama possesses that led to the destruction of MD’s hard-earned name and fame.

Meanwhile, CA cuts the cake, and Anuj and Anupama lovingly feed each other a piece. Anupama goes to fetch a gift box and begins reading the news in the newspaper.

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