Anupama Written Update 21th July 2023 : Malti Devi’s Action Against Anupama

anupama written update

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Anupama written update : Dimpy engaged in a fervent argument with Samar, defending her decision to make a statement against Anupama in the media. Samar urged her to acknowledge her mistake, but Dimpy contended that he should be supportive when his family criticized her actions. Refusing to be swayed, Samar asserted that Dimpy consistently made mistakes and couldn’t expect him to stand by her side unconditionally.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, their conversation was overheard by family members from the living room. Leela, filled with concern, expressed her desire to intervene before things escalated to a physical confrontation. However, Hasmukh restrained her from doing so. Toshu added his perspective, labeling Dimpy as a perpetual troublemaker, and Vanraj retorted, insinuating that he was not without fault either.

As tensions mounted, Hasmukh wisely interjected, reminding everyone that whatever had transpired was now in the past. Leela acknowledged that Vanraj had been right all along – the issue involving Malti Devi (MD) and Anupama had the potential to affect their entire family.

Despite the mounting pressure, Dimpy remained obstinate, unwilling to accept her mistake and continuing to argue with Samar. In an attempt to deflect attention from her actions, she turned the conversation towards Samar’s abrupt return from Mumbai. Samar revealed that although sponsors had allowed him to perform, they couldn’t compensate him financially. Dimpy, in a fit of exasperation, questioned why he didn’t at least claim his travel expenses. Samar’s response was filled with frustration as he pondered whether he should resort to begging.

However, the tension reached an abrupt climax when Samar received a shocking phone call, causing him to hastily leave the scene, leaving everyone else in bewilderment.

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Anupama written update

Anupama completed the surprise party for CA, serving her cake and juice. Unfortunately, CA accidentally spilled juice on her dress and excused herself to clean up. Anupama remarked that sorrows often arrive uninvited, but one must actively invite happiness into their lives repeatedly. Anuj chimed in, assuring that they would always find ways to bring joy back home.

However, Barkha interjected, inquiring if they had read today’s newspaper. Anupama quickly tried to divert Anuj’s attention, but he insisted on checking the newspaper. To his dismay, he fumed while reading the news. Pakhi read the news next and expressed her disbelief at Dimpy’s actions.

Anuj, angered by the one-sided and false news, promptly called the newspaper’s editor and threatened to sue unless they apologized. The Kapdias were worried about Anupama, fearing that she might feel guilty due to Dimpy’s actions. Anupama, however, revealed that she had already read the newspaper and decided not to question Dimpy, as she wouldn’t understand.

In a heartfelt speech, she emphasized the distinction between drama and genuine conflict. She explained that fights occur behind closed curtains, while what happens outside is mere drama. Dimpy, she concluded, lacked an understanding of this difference.

Anupama written update today

Pakhi asserted that she wouldn’t let Dimpy get away with her actions. Anupama, burdened with guilt, blamed herself for the consequences, feeling responsible for breaking her teacher’s trust. Anuj tried to console her, insisting that he would take care of compensating MD’s losses. However, Anupama insisted that she was at fault as a student of her gurumaa and felt the need to face the punishment herself.

Pakhi, noticing Anupama’s unwavering dedication, pointed out how she had previously treated Leela as a god and was now revering her gurumaa in a similar manner. Anupama explained that it was essential for a student to respect and fully surrender to their teacher to attain complete knowledge. She emphasized that this was a personal matter between her and her gurumaa, and she wouldn’t rest until she sought her forgiveness.

Anuj cautioned her not to go overboard, but Anupama revealed the profound impact her gurumaa had on her life. When Anuj left her, her gurumaa supported her by accepting her as a student and even made her the successor over Nakul. She recounted how her gurumaa had a dream of visiting America, and despite trying to fulfill it, Anupama unintentionally hurt her. The guilt weighed heavily on her, realizing she had changed her own world while unknowingly shattering her gurumaa’s world.

With determination, she continued writing her 20,000-page apology, believing that it could somehow set things right and restore the harmony between her and her revered gurumaa.

Anupama written update

Later, Anupama emotionally pampers CA, looking at Maaya’s photo, ensuring she feels loved and cherished.

MD sits in prayer, reminiscing about Anupama’s drama on the airplane. A servant places a newspaper and a cup of tea on the table for her. Anuj tells Ankush that they witnessed happiness after a long time and hopes that Anupama will calm down MD soon.

MD enjoys her tea but is interrupted when the maid accidentally drops a bag. MD advises her to be more careful and notices Anupama’s photo popping out of the bag. She inquires about it, and Nakul explains that it’s Anupama’s belongings. MD looks at the photo of Anupama and CA and becomes determined to take away whatever reason Anupama possesses that led to the destruction of MD’s hard-earned name and fame.

Meanwhile, CA cuts the cake, and Anuj and Anupama lovingly feed each other a piece. Anupama goes to fetch a gift box and begins reading the news in the newspaper.

Gurumaa noticed that it was already 10 a.m. Anupama decided that it was time to go and apologize to her. Pakhi expressed concern, wondering what would happen if Gurumaa didn’t agree to forgive her. Anupama replied with determination, stating that she would persist until Gurumaa forgave her. With her mind set on the task, Anupama left to seek forgiveness.

Anupama written update

Adhik recalled the previous incident when Gurumaa had slapped Anupama and speculated that this time, she might react differently. Pakhi, however, had faith in Anupama’s belief that things could be resolved through discussion.

Meanwhile, officials from the court arrived and sealed Anupama’s dance academy, citing its illegal operation without proper legal permission. Samar, Vanraj, and Toshu pleaded with the officer, but their efforts were in vain as the academy would remain closed until further orders due to the lack of a commercial license. Vanraj couldn’t help but recall Gurumaa’s challenge, feeling as though her curse was coming true.

As Anupama reached the gurukul, Nakul intercepted her, expressing his concern for his sister and mother. Unwavering, Anupama reassured him that she would not give up until she obtained Gurumaa’s forgiveness. She called for Gurumaa to come down.

Upon hearing Anupama’s call, Gurumaa danced with anger, reminiscing about Anupama’s past actions and considering it as the first attack in their current confrontation.

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