Anupama Written Update 26th July 2023: Samar signed a contract with MD

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In the Shah household, emotions ran high when news broke that Samar had signed a contract with Malti Devi, much to the family’s dismay. Kinjal immediately speculated that MD must have blackmailed Samar to secure the deal. Toshu, in a fit of anger, questioned Samar’s decision, wondering how he could enter into an agreement with someone who was considered an enemy of the family. Anupama, who had great hopes for Samar, was disappointed by his actions, making it clear that Toshu and Pakhi were the only ones allowed to make mistakes, not Samar.

Dimpy stepped in to defend Samar, highlighting that he wasn’t someone who would sit idle and rely on his wife’s earnings like Toshu did. She warned that Samar shouldn’t be labeled a loser for taking a different path. This comment further angered Kinjal, who lashed out at Dimpy, insisting that she should show respect to her elders and refrain from interfering in matters between brothers.

Leela supported Kinjal’s sentiment, stating that Dimpy’s words were disrespectful, and she should be mindful of her behavior. Kinjal emphasized that regardless of whether Toshu was right or wrong, he held a higher position in the family hierarchy compared to Dimpy, and she had no right to insult him.

Leela firmly agreed, asserting that Dimpy’s actions would only lead to insulting their elder brother-in-law and might even extend to their father-in-law in the future. Kavya chimed in, empathizing with the desperation of being jobless but advised against engaging with enemies under any circumstance.

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Anupama Written Update 26th July 2023

In the midst of a heated conversation, Vanraj tried to reason with Samar, assuming that he must have had a valid reason for his actions. After all, Vanraj believed Samar was the “good kid” of the family. However, Samar’s frustration erupted as he expressed his weariness of playing the role of the “good kid.” He vehemently disagreed with the Shah family’s definition of goodness, which he felt meant blind obedience. He adamantly stated that he wasn’t their idea of a “good kid” and had no desire to be one.

Samar vented his feelings, highlighting the double standards imposed on him. While others were allowed to make mistakes, he was held to a higher standard and not given any room for error. He defended his decision to sign the contract with MD, arguing that he had informed the family about it. Anuj acknowledged that everyone makes mistakes, but he stressed the importance of not assisting the enemy, especially when it concerns their own mother’s well-being.

Samar tried to clarify that he had merely considered the job offer and not the intentions of the person offering it. Anuj raised concerns about MD potentially setting a trap for Samar, but Samar reasoned that it was just a job offer and not a deal involving illegal activities that could lead to imprisonment.

Anupama 26th July 2023 Written Update

Dimpy explained that they followed their mother’s advice to treat work as just work and decided to accept MD’s offer. Leela expressed her concern, stating that Dimpy was still young and might not fully grasp the implications of her decision.

Samar intervened, defending Dimpy and asserting that he wasn’t foolish enough to accept MD’s offer blindly. He believed that perhaps he could bridge the gap between his mother and MD, and even help MD repay the losses that his mother had suffered. Anuj, however, raised a valid point, asking why no one mentioned the losses Anupama had endured. He challenged Samar to approach his new boss and request a detailed bill of her losses, promising to pay ten times that amount. Anuj emphasized that MD’s motivations were not primarily financial; rather, she was driven by her wounded ego and a desire for revenge against Anupama.

Samar contended that working with MD might actually help heal her emotional wounds. Anuj, deeply concerned for his mother, reminded Samar of the importance of not overlooking Anupama’s pain. Despite this, Samar explained to Anupama that he had taken up the job with her well-being in mind, acknowledging that he could make mistakes but asking for the opportunity to work for MD alongside Dimpy.

Hasmukh chimed in, warning that MD had hidden motives and would likely harm both Samar and Dimpy in the process.

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