How to Creat Facebook Business acount

 with a business page on Facebook, you can attract new customers and engage them with posts related to your business

 If you are wondering how to get started, read on to find out how you can create a Facebook business account in 2022.

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 Sign in to your Facebook account on the web and click on "pages" feom right sidebar

Step 1

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create new page if you don't have page by clicking on "create new page"

Step 2

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Enter the details of the page including name category, and description. Once you have done that, click on “Create Page” to proceed further

Step 3

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choose to add a profile photo and cover photo to your Facebook account and save all details

Step 4

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Your Facebook page for business is now created. Up next, you can add an action button to the page using the “Add a Button” button.

Step 5

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click below to know how to make facebook business account on mobile

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